Yacooba Labs becomes the first Portuguese company member of ‘Blockchain for Europe’

eGames Lab member Yacooba Labs, a pioneer in blockchain technology solutions in Portugal, announced today that is now member of the prominent European organization, “Blockchain for Europe“. By becoming a member of this renowned association, Yacooba Labs establishes a significant milestone, becoming the first Portuguese company to be part of this international group.

“Yacooba Labs is internationally recognized for its innovative blockchain solutions and its dedication to driving adoption and understanding of the technology. Joining Blockchain for Europe is a consequence of Yacooba Labs’ ongoing commitment to leading and shaping the blockchain landscape not only in Portugal, but in Europe”, informs the company.

Blockchain for Europe is an association committed to promoting and clarifying blockchain technology, in addition to seeking to create a favorable regulatory environment for its development in Europe. The entry of Yacooba Labs as the first Portuguese company to be a member of this organization strengthens the country’s representation and contribution to the growth and regulation of the sector.

“It is with great enthusiasm that we become the first Portuguese company to join Blockchain for Europe,” said Maurício Marques, CEO of Yacooba Labs.

“This opportunity not only highlights our leadership on the national stage but also allows us to actively represent and influence the development of blockchain technology in Europe,” he pointed out.

“Yacooba Labs is committed to contributing its experience and unique perspective to the collaborative efforts of Blockchain for Europe, aiming to strengthen the regulatory ecosystem and promote understanding of blockchain in Portugal and Europe as a whole”, he highlights.

The eGames Lab aims to boost innovation actions and the Portuguese videogame development industry and creative industries sector. Yacooba Labs recognition in the international markets aligns with these goals. Well done!

© eGames Lab Portugal Consortium
© eGames Lab Portugal Consortium