Walkme Mobile Launches Waste Rush, A Groundbreaking Game Promoting Sustainability

In a significant stride towards merging entertainment with environmental consciousness, Walkme Mobile, in collaboration with eGames Lab, announces the launch of Waste Rush on Android and iOS platforms.

Waste Rush isn’t just another addition to the gaming world; it’s a pioneering initiative aimed at educating and engaging players in sustainable practices. Through immersive gameplay, users are transported into a world where they navigate thrilling levels, collect waste, and gain insights into recycling methodologies.

Walkme Mobile’s partnership with eGames Lab underscores its commitment to leveraging technology for positive change. Developed within the framework of the eGames Lab consortium, Waste Rush signifies a collaborative effort towards fostering sustainability. Supported by the PRR initiative, this endeavor seeks to propel the gaming ecosystem forward, aligning with global agendas for a cleaner, greener future.

Waste Rush invites players to customize their trucks, ascend the leaderboards, and embark on a journey towards environmental stewardship. With its innovative approach and interactive gameplay, the game promises to captivate audiences of all ages while instilling a sense of responsibility towards our planet.

Join the movement towards sustainability and download Waste Rush today:

📱 Android: Link to Google Play

📱 iOS: Link to the App Store

Experience the thrill of gaming with a purpose, as Walkme Mobile and Egames Lab redefine the landscape of mobile entertainment.

© eGames Lab Portugal Consortium
© eGames Lab Portugal Consortium