Research Centre @ Funchal : Opening

The new Cultural and Research Centre of Funchal – which hosts the HQ of the eGames Lab project – is now officially open.

The project has financed the equipments of this creative industries-aimed space, providing state-of-the art hardware and conditions for researchers from the academic world and consortium companies to work side-by-side.

More than 30 researchers raging from masters to pos-doctoral researchers are now developing their work within the eGames Lab, as well as 10 researchers from the companies. These numbers will rise in the upcoming months to a total of 60 people.

The Centre aims to gather the creative industries community and is open to all the society and new partnerships. The eGames Lab vision includes that the Centre will work as a hub for formation and capacitation of professionals and students within the creative industries area, offering courses, workshops and exhibits.

Currently the Centre hosts a Pablo Picasso exhibited named “Love and Death Games”.

Big events will be held on the auditorium, including eGames Lab’s #CreateFunchal event in late October and Madeira Blockchain on late November 2023.

© eGames Lab Portugal Consortium
© eGames Lab Portugal Consortium